WordPress vs Website Builders

The 5 Advantages of WordPress: Why Choose It Over Website Builders

So you have been thinking of making a website. Great! Welcome to the club.

Now, you just need to figure out which platform you will be using to create your business/blog. It stands to reason that not all platforms are created equal. While many platform reviews list the main advantages and disadvantages of each, there is always one mitigating factor...

WordPress is the most flexible website platform, but it has the greatest learning curve.

There is a reason why WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world. In fact, according to w3tech, a tech statistics organization, WordPress is used by 27.7% of websites on the web today.

Many people are tempted to use website builders, such as Wix and Squarespace, because they want to have something up and ready to go in a very short period of time. Indeed, there are situations in which this would be best.

If customization is not that important to you, and a cookie cutter website will do, a website builder could be a good option. But a serious business owner who wants the potential to grow their site and reach many visitors will soon realize that a website builder just won’t do.

Even the most popular website builders cannot support a high number of visitors. It is also not powerful enough for medium to large sized websites.

Today's WordPress themes now support drag-and-drop page builder plugins that work just as well as website builders.

I have compiled a list of the main advantages of using WordPress over website builders.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

1. Better Themes

Have you ever done a comparison between WordPress themes and site builder themes? Take a look at the options offered by Wix for example. The themes look simpler and have a lot of white with giant headers. These elements act as a great filler for a theme that you will not be able to customize like you can with a WordPress theme.

WordPress themes are the best looking in the industry. Chances are that you will be able to find one that that meets your particular needs. Just go to Themeforest and try using industry specific keywords in the search box. There are thousands upon thousands of themes to choose from.

You will see that WordPress themes are more unique looking. Even the most popular site builder themes look very similar to one another. There aren’t really many variations.

2. More Flexible and Customizable: Brand Your Site

One of the best reasons for using WordPress is that the themes are far more customizable. If you wanted, you could take the original code and completely change it to make it your own. But most will stick to customizing it through the dashboard. Once you are logged in to your site, you will see an option to customize just about every part of the site.

Instead of just being able to upload your logo, you can brand your site by using a language called CSS. But if you do not know CSS or do not want to learn it, you can still customize your theme by using a WordPress page builder plugin.

Realistically, if you want to use a website platform for your business, signing up for a site builder platform just won’t do. Expanding your business will be difficult if you expect to get a lot of visitors, or want to add more functionality to your site.

By using WordPress, you ensure the long term viability of a business.

3. 1,000’s of Free and Premium Plugin Options

The most popular site builder platforms only offer a limited number of plugins. If you require your site to perform a specific function, you may not find what you are looking for in a website builder plugin.

Since WordPress is an open source platform, any 3rd party developer can create a plugin for it. In fact, with a little know-how, you could even make one yourself.

There are 1,000’s of awesome WordPress plugins to choose from. You can purchase them from 3rd party websites, or download them straight from the WordPress dashboard. There is a plugin for just about anything you can think of.

Hiring a developer to create all of the functionality of your site can really rack up the costs. Instead, you can do a Google search for a WordPress plugin that performs a specific function. Chances are, you will find something useful.

4. You Own Your Site

By signing up for a hosting plan, you can install WordPress and upload your theme on your own piece of the hosting company’s server. In contrast, a site builder will require you to purchase a monthly plan to use their website platform. If the site builder company should go out of business, your site will be lost.

By having your own hosting, you can ensure that your site is backed up and future proof. If you sign up for a large hosting company, such as GoDaddy or Hostgator, there is no need to fear that the company will go belly-up.

One of the best parts of having your own hosting is that you will have access to the hosting company’s technical support representatives. I personally love GoDaddy’s techinical support. They have stayed on the phone with me for over an hour at a time helping me to resolve issues, such as hacked sites and site transfers!

5. Plenty of Support and Training

Since WordPress is an open source platform, there is a lot of support available from the community. By going to WordPress.org, you can post an issue in their forum and someone will come to your aid.

But if you require for direct assistance and training, you can always contact us. We offer one-on-one wordpress training!

A Caveat

Learning WordPress takes practice and time. But it cannot be stressed enough that by knowing how to use WordPress, you will have a tool that allows you to run a business online.

It can take a few weeks to up to a year to really learn the ins and outs of WordPress. And there will always be more to know, so the learning never stops. Many who use website builders end up switching to WordPress because they realize that they can get more out of their website.

Which website platform do you prefer? We love hearing from our readers. Please submit your comment below.

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  • Scott Moore Reply

    This is a good explanation of wordpress. It is definitely used by a big percentage of people and it does have plenty of different ways to go as far as themes and designs, but can also be confusing and it takes a while to really grasp how to navigate most any dashboard.

    You mentioned the learning curve and there is one, but the learning curve is worth navigating. Setting up the basics is not that hard but picking the right theme and really setting up a sharp site will take some trial and error. It is worth it in the end though, because you can then set up any site as an affiliate marketer and promote anything you want and monetize it.

    Your design and your blog posts are outstanding. You are very talented.

    Scott Moore

  • Alex Reply

    Even though I am a word press user, I did not know about all of these options. I think that I will take advantage of the community aspect of word press. Having the ability to reach out to people for support is important to me. Sometimes I have problems that I cannot confront alone and I need help, so I will utilize what you recommended. Thank you for sharing this article and I hope you make it a great day!

  • Jim Schmitt Reply

    As a retired accountant, I have experimented with websites and on-line marketing but never felt comfortable until I found WordPress. I have even experimented with some coding to make changes to the website but actually using a WordPress theme and site is so much easier.

    Your article provides a clear guide to the advantages of the WordPress site and makes me happier that I have chosen to follow that path.

  • Matts Mom Reply

    Great information on WordPress. I have been wanting to build a website, but honestly have no clue how. So it is nice that with this I can do drag and drop. Seems a lot more simple then having to learn about HTML. I am going to investigate WordPress further. Do you find the learning curve for figuring it all out fairly simple?

    • Nadia Reply

      The learning curve all depends on the level of design and complexity you need for your site. If you want a simple site, you could learn WordPress in only a few days. If you need something more complex and branded, it can take a few months to learn it well.

  • Bob Reply

    WordPress is an amazing platform to use. I am still learning all it has to offer. You hit in on the head with all 5 of these reason to use WordPress.
    Is there a way to find out exactly what kind of font or where the menus and widgets are located prior to purchasing the theme?
    It is very hard for me to tell. I will check back for your answer.
    Thanks for the very educational information.

    • Nadia Reply

      Hi Bob!

      Yes, you can normally view the font and placing of the menus and widgets prior to purchasing a theme. Have you tried viewing the live demo of the theme? Any good theme being sold nowadays should have the option to view the live demo. Does that answer your question?

  • Kayla Reply

    This is really good info to have. I have only ever used WordPress and I love it! Still learning about all of the goodies it has to offer. Thanks for posting!

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