Affiliate Disclaimer

At Start This Thing, we teach website owners how they can create an online business that gets results.

We believe that in order to get your business off the ground, you cannot ignore the opportunity to get compensated for your hard work.

We practice sound affiliate principles when it comes to recommending a product or service. We will only recommend those which we feel are worth your time.

That being said, here is what we say about being an affiliate.

Affiliate Links

At times, this site will recommend a product and will link back to the product’s website. If you purchase through this link, we may get a commission from the vendor in appreciation for sending our visitors their way.

But it important to note that the referral does not cost you anything. The commission is paid for by the vendor, not you.

However, we would never recommend a product just for the sake of getting a commission. We only recommend products that we have personally used, or were recommended by our peers.

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